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Certified Fibre Characterisation Technician (CFCT)

Written and developed by Optical Technology Training Ltd and licensed to CrossConnect Training.

Available as a company course only.

Duration: 5 days

This course is designed to ensure that test technicians are competent to carry out fibre characterisation tasks in the field and to produce reliable results for analysis by an Engineer (CFCE).

The focus is on how to carry out the tests efficiently, and how to verify that the acquired data is valid, record results accurately and store information efficiently, because being methodical and recognising reliable results is the key to avoiding repeat visits to sites to fill in gaps or repeat measurements that were carried out incorrectly.

Although covering similar content to the CFCE course, this course concentrates on directed practical sessions with exercises on:

  • inspecting & cleaning connectors
  • insertion loss testing
  • spectral attenuation measurements
  • return loss measurements
  • bi-directional OTDR testing
  • chromatic dispersion
  • and PMD measurements


  • Hands-on experience

    A practical hands-on experience using specially constructed test rigs.

  • Electronic resources

    Receive a USB drive with extra resources including reference information and review exercises.

  • Comprehensive manual

    Receive a comprehensive, up-to-date, indexed course manual.

  • CFCT status

    Pass the assessment to gain Certified Fibre Characterisation Technician (CFCT) status.

  • recognise the different types of singlemode fibres and identify their characteristics

  • work safely when carrying out fibre characterisation tasks

  • clean all types of fibre optic connectors effectively

  • carry out video inspection of connector end faces and store the images

  • carry out insertion loss measurements, verify their validity and record the results

  • set up an OTDR correctly for optimum performance

  • analyse OTDR traces and event tables for evidence of problems

  • store OTDR traces efficiently with full information and meaningful filenames

  • carry out chromatic dispersion measurements, verify their validity and record the results

  • carry out polarisation mode dispersion measurements, verify their validity and record the results

  • carry out spectral attenuation measurements, verify their validity and record the results

Certified Fibre Characterisation Technician training course from CrossConnect Training

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